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You can almost hear him squealing when Daddy goes in deep.

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Young blond twink wakes up in a cellular tied up while getting fucked bareback by some man

One of my favorite scenes.

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Master decided it was time to finally let his boy come. He jerked the boy’s cock and even gave it a rare suck. The boy was so grateful to experience pleasure from his cock again that it only took minutes for him to shoot his load across his stomach.

He wanted to collapse from the release of months worth of cum, but his master had other plans. Even if the boy had permission, he still had to pay for his orgasm. So Master kept stroking his boy’s cock. He even wrapped his lips around it again. The pleasure the boy experienced moments ago was gone. Instead, the stimulation to his overly sensitive cock was unbearable. He tried to control himself like a good boy and not thrash around, but Master kept torturing his cock. Finally, Master relented and gave his boy a kiss before telling him to clean up.

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Whipping the boi’s cock.
Master Walter


Whipping the boi’s cock.

Master Walter

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